Work No 154; Weatherspoon Heaven

Work No 154; Weatherspoon Heaven

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Bar stool drunk, Saturday 10pm, Wetherspoons Kilburn High Road NW6


From 2006. Out-of-focus image, capturing an essence of alcoholic inebriation within a traditional working class public house, whilst the absence of detailed facial features of the subject, somewhat conversely, poses boundless possibilities to the viewer.

* Offered for sale, July 2015 in response to concept plagiarism by Italian artists the Miaz Brothers’ new body of work currently showing at Lazerides gallery.

Signed edition of x25 fine art giclee prints on Ilford Pearl archival paper
10″ x 12″ ( unframed )

* October 2016; edition sold out.
For resale enquires please email info@londondada.co.uk


Miaz brothers' Lady A.

Lady A.
From the Miaz Brothers: Antimatter Series: “A Boundless Vision”.
( Are we sure the title isn’t ” Theft is Vision “, Miaz Bros ? )