Work No. 775

Work No. 775

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Mechanical Head II; (The Spirit of our Time ) After Raoul Hausmann
c. Art Axis 2015

A4 Photo Montage based on German Dadaist Raoul Hausmann’s adapted Tailor’s dummy Work; Mechanical Head ( 1920 )
Created by London Dada to mark the first Conservative budget since 1996, delivered by George Osborne, a robotic man on a mission to wipe out the nation’s deficit by increasing it year on year, targeting the needy and vulnerable by slashing for a second time the welfare and care budget.
Osborne and his Bullingdon club ilk – impersonal machine heads pandering to their corprorate masters, penetrated and governed by brute external financial and political forces and functioning in the guise of socially responsible human beings.

Original; One Worldwide, signed by the Banksy of Dada
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