Work No. 677, Hell is Other People

Work No. 677, Hell is Other People

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Work No. 677. ” Other People”. c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Conceptual work. Empty blister packs of 30/500 co-codemol prescription strength pain-killers laid out in crucifix form on black card. Title based on Jean Paul Sartre’s theatrical character-based saying,
” hell is other people “

Actual physical work, mounted within copper alloy frame, 36″ x 36″
£8550 One worldwide ( 2022 )

The precursor to forthcoming Other People II, conceptual work. Sculpture comprising a 7’x 3ft tulip wood crucifix adhered on all four sides with empty pain-killing and anti-blood pressure medication blister packs. The Work stands upright and set into a flat wooden base with containing hardwood surround which is filled with hundreds of rounded worn down beach pebbles, representing friction between individuals over time, that is marked over decades by twice-daily tides that cast them helplessly against one another ( the tide of daily life ).
other people 2
Completed Work

The artwork in exhibition, Dada reloaded, May 2016 Central St. Martins London

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ICE AGE by Joy Division, lyrics – Ian Curtis.

( for a medical iceberg called Shubha )

I’ve seen the real atrocities,
Buried in the sand,
Stockpiled safety for a few,
While we stand holding hands.

I’m living in the Ice age,
I’m living in the Ice age,
Nothing will hold,
Nothing will fit,
Into the cold,
It’s not an eclipse.
Living in the Ice age,
Living in the Ice age,
Living in the Ice age.

Searching for another way,
Hiding behind the door,
We live in holes and disused shafts,
I’d hoped for a little more.