Work No. 740; Shaken not Stirred

Work No. 740; Shaken not Stirred

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Shaken not Stirred
c. Art Axis 2015

Night view inside the bar / lounge area of the Hayward Gallery from the outside raised walkway,
past a neon-embellished cement mixer languishing on a wide exterior ledge.

Comment on the largely tawdry and uninspiring shows Hayward South Bank choose to exhibit,
year in year out.
The South Bank: where Chinese dissidents flourish by the sunflower seed truckload, while artists critical in any way of UK government’s many questionable policies and actions – not to mention those of the sacrosanct royals – get the perennial cold shoulder.

Signed edition of x 50 lightjet prints on Kodak Pro
24″ x 20″
£450 ( unframed)

Released for sale May 2016
* November 2020 Editions 1 – 43 sold/reserved