Human glaciation

Human glaciation

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Work No. 175 Dada appropriation no.1. Human Glaciation

The Moore sculpture ” Two reclining Figures” is situated just west of Kenwood House.
It was made in 1963-4 but it’s been there on long-term loan from the Tate since 1982.

Henry Moore
Moore’s Two Reclining Figures ( 1964 )

Here, in what we believe was the first example of a new genre in appropriation art, a
portion of a famous work is presented as a new artwork in its own right.
Featuring a close-up photograph of Moore’s sculpture, we get an intriguing insight
into the particular chiselling technique he employed in creating these types of
outdoor sculptures; similar examples of which are to be seen outside various
well-known institutions up and down the country to this day.

Signed limited edition of 25 lightjet prints onto Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 20″
£400 ( unframed )

* July 2015, editions 1-18 sold/reserved

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