Work No. 344; This Endless Drag...

Work No. 344; This Endless Drag…

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work 344: This Endless Drag.. – a Moving Still. c. Michael St.Mark

A ” Still Moving ” TM image, the strength of its effect dependent upon the amount of motorway driving the viewer has generally experienced. By focusing on an area in the road ahead for a few seconds, similar to if one was actually driving, the unconscious resurrects an inner illusion of movement based on previous memory of hours of a similar-formatted view from the cab – a rather cool effect.
( may have potential in the field of psychotherapy, in the treatment of phobias for example )

Digital photograph ( exposure set to 1/32 ) at dusk, taken through vehicle windscreen at 60mph.
M6 southbound, Cheshire.

Signed edition of 50 giclee prints on Ilford Pearl
24″ x 20″, unframed

* This image imparts an even greater illusion of forward movement in the large signed edition print. Ideal over-mantlepiece artwork for the motoring-enthusiast!

** August 2016, editions 1 – 29 sold /reserved.

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