White Christmas

White Christmas

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White Christmas c. Art Axis 2007.
Temporary public work

Some say he can memorize the bible back to front.
Others, that he’s the grandson of Marcel Duchamp who was adopted by Salvador Dali as a child….

All we know is he’s called ART AXIS, our resident direct action Dadartist and he wished everyone a Merry white Christmas in 2007 – another year when no snow fell on the 25th anywhere in the UK – courtesy of 10 X 5 litres of a well-known brand of washing up liquid poured into Sudbury municipal fountain at 6am on Xmas eve morn. According to AA, a gale force westerly blew huge suds tumbling through the town for a good four hours, causing major hilarity and traffic disruption amongst the already feverish last-minute Xmas shoppers.

AA, don’t ever grow up – Ed

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