Hi Def ' Interference

Hi Def ‘ Interference

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Work No. 327: Hi Def’ Interference. c. 2008 Michael St.Mark

Cropped digital photograph in-store at John Lewis Welwyn Garden City of a 42″ Hi Def TV
picture sustaining serious picture interference / poor reception, resulting in it
breaking down into fascinating random abstract pixellation. Highlighting the difference
from traditional fuzzy analogue TV picture interference and introducing a fascinating
interplay of clearly defined blocks of light, color and texture. The Work is also
intended to remind us that new technology is often far from perfect once introduced into
the marketplace, eg the utter catastrophe that Digital Radio is turning / tuning out to be.

Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints onto Kodak Pro Endura
24″ x 13″ (unframed)

* February 2015; editions 1 – 23 sold/reserved.
( price will increase incrementally as available editions diminish in number )