Work No. 547

Work No. 547

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Dead Thistles IV.
c. Michael St.Mark

When all dedicated and ultra-ambitious artists and cold hearts are straining at the leash – or taking 2 weeks to get wired for sound to meet up – to be clever’er Trevors in creating new pretty patterns, horror shows or flashy SFX; here at London Dada we relax and contemplate the “dead (thistles) ordinary” TM.
Latest in the long-running Thistles series, inspired by now retired Dadaist May East.

Available in signed edition of 50 LightJet prints on Fuji Flex high gloss paper.
24″ x 18″
£450 ( unframed )

* June 2015, editions 1-34 sold/reserved

See Homepage for purchase details

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