Work No. 632

Work No. 632

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Merz Barn Atmospheres – homage to Kurt Schwitters
c. Michael St.Mark 2010

Elterwater, Langdale Cumbria.

Intimate views into Schwitters’ Merz Barn interior before major refurbishment commenced to turn it into an international art tourist attraction/museum complete with a replica of the original Merz wall. Some relic items here quite possibly having been handled or used by Schwitters himself around 1947, the window frame and rusted openers etc, the glass panes and locally quarried slate construction having remained untouched from that period.


Diptych collage of two digital images onto one Lightjet print with white background.
Overall dimensions 24 ” x 16″
Offered as signed limited edition of 25
£400 ( unframed )

May 2020, editions 1 – 20 sold/reserved


Link to original blog post for this work with added historical KS information

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