Work No. 523; Pizza Flyer

Work No. 523; Pizza Flyer

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Work 523; Pizza Flyer
c. Dingo, 2011

Extract from 2011 blog entry…additionally uncovered is an old pizza takeaway menu leaflet set solid into the Formica laminate topboard by moisture. Some top layers of the paper were able to be scraped away after soap and water were applied, to leave an interesting abstraction that along with careful arrangement of the congealed paper remnants; revealed a work of originality and tactile beauty that seems to house a beguiling array of fanciful airborne creatures and objects.

data Available in a signed edition of 25 giclee prints on Ilford Pearl
20″ x 20″
£250 ( unframed )

*September 2016; editions 1 – 14 sold/reserved