Work No. 421

Work No. 421

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work 421; Aesthetic Antithesis 1. c. Michael St.Mark
Flat screeen TV wall mount brackets.


Flat screen television wall mount brackets on display in-store at John Lewis.

First in a new “Duchamp’esque” series, bringing attention to the intrinsic design purity of purely functional day-to-day items where no thought whatsoever has gone into making the finished product in any sense fashionable or attractive. This, in itself lays bare the mechanical engineering processes behind the objects’ manufacture which are free of contrivance and the limited constraints of time-honored fashion or individual preference.

In addition they are also the very antithesis of the objects they are designed to support – hidden, unwatched, un-noticed, and utterly divorced from even remote social interaction that imbues the objects with a certain unconscious power. ( Presented with a black border and in HD widescreen format, in line with the spirit of the Work. )

Signed edition of 50 LightJet prints.
20″ x 11″
£250 ( unframed )

* March 2014; editions 1 – 10 sold/reserved

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