Work No. 604; The Everyday

Work No. 604; The Everyday

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Work No. 604; The Everyday. c. Michael St.Mark 2012
* The coining and first use of the now familiar term ” THE Everyday ” as shorthand to describe peoples’
everyday experience, ie His Everyday, Her Everyday, Your Everyday etc…

context and purport
New Sainsbury’s mega store in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
( Believed to be first use and initiation of the phrase ” The Everyday” into the English language )

Gradually, imperceptibly, the majority are brainwashed by the multinationals’ puppets, the mainstream media, into accepting as normal a world of daily conformity to a global commercial stereotype, where each individual is subtely encouraged to view themselves as paramount to any other ( divide and rule ). Where each becomes dedicated to individual gratification at almost any expense to others; thus creating a global society of “ideal consumers”. This naturally involves a disconnect from the reality of another’s quality of life.

A world therefore, where the vulnerable – the unborn, the young, the disabled, the elderly and the millions of imprisoned factory-farmed animals – are increasingly prone to abuse and neglect. And where stories of human tragedy ( eg. Milly Dowler in extremis ) are mere commodities to be sold on for profit.


Signed edition of 50 LightJet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
20″W x 17″H
£450 ( unframed )

* This Work released for sale April 2014 ( see Purchase link above )

* September 2016; Editions 1 – 42 sold/reserved

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