Work No. 614

Work No. 614

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Work No. 614; The Cradle of Mass Indoctrination. c. Michael St.Mark 2014

Entrance to the old BBC transmitter hall at Alexandra Palace where the world’s first high definition public broadcast service was initiated in 1936.

Becoming especially relevant mid-late 2014 when deep bias in BBC, CNN and Sky reporting on Ukraine, the Middle East and Scottish Independence reached a transparency tipping point and perhaps marking where the easily-accessed comparisons with social media reporting that allow a more balanced verdict to be reached by the masses, became the popular news source of choice.


Available as a signed limited edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
24″ x 20″
£450 ( unframed )

*Jan 2015, editions 1 -16 sold/reserved