Reconciliation Sun

Reconciliation Sun

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Work No. 675; The Reconciliation Sun. c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Conceptual work with echoes of alchemy, bringing together two traditional opposites in folklore – chalk and cheese – to create a symbolic new hybrid substance playfully named “Cheealk”. Destroying forever the absolute verity of the familiar saying ” as different as chalk from cheese”, the work points the viewer toward oneness of apparent opposites, a reminder of the ever-present potential for resolution of seemingly intractable conflict, indeed, of the inexorable over-time destiny of all disparate things is to return to unity ( “eaten” by a dying sun in billions of years time )

Block of Red Leicester melted in 12″ enamel pan with added chalk solution and powdered chalk.
Sandwiched between two glass panes sealed in an airtight 16″ sq alu’ frame with black card backing sprinkled with particles of chalk to mimic stars in the blackness of space.

One worldwide.
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