Green leaf Salad

Green leaf Salad

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Work No. 636; Green leaf Salad c. Michael St.Mark 2013
Image procured during the UK food mis-labelling furore of early 2013; when horse meat and other adulterations not marked on the packaging were found in a multitude of supermarket “beef products”.
Here, the artist invites the viewer to contemplate the truth that the sawn cow bones and gristle are all ultimately derived from fresh, green, dew-laden pasture – and little else.
Therefore labelling the collection ” Green leaf salad”, technically, is not a trading standards violation… is it.

Signed edition of 50 archival quality lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
24″ x 16″
£450 ( unframed )

* December 2019; editions 1 – 32 sold/reserved
NB ( Signed limited editions of LD Works increase in price as fewer become available, therefore
early investment is advised)

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