Israel's Proud Victory

Israel’s Proud Victory

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Revisted Work, July 2014, on the recommencement of genocide of the Palestinian people by the Zionist thugs of the Israeli government.
” Israel has the right to self-defence”
Israel has NO right to defend land gained by ethnic cleansing of an entire people and by means of indiscriminate shelling, killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians with until recently no casualties
suffered on the Israeli side. ( July 17th 2014, 1 Israeli man killed, none injured. 220 Palestinians killed, over 1500 injured, three-quaters of them civilians including dozens of children)


work 244; Israel’s Proud Victory. c. Art Axis 2006

Work relating to the 2006 invasion of Lebanon by the Israeli army.

Found crumpled child’s wheelchair at the bottom of a quarry cliff at Shap, Cumbria.

Signed edition of 25 giclee prints, 24″ x 16″ on Kodak Pro Endura
£ 300 ( unframed)

Jan 2015, Editions 1 -16 sold/reserved

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