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work 633; NHS MAKES YOU FREE ( Stafford hospital special ) c. Michael St.Mark

Digitally-enhanced Giclee photographic print 20 x 16″. One worldwide. (Bid-sale, proceeds to go to AvMA)

Artwork to coincide with the damning report by the Francis enquiry into the murder by neglect of over 1200 patients at Stafford hospital in the mid-2000s and in protest at the ongoing genocidal abuse of patients involving amongst other niceties, witholding of nutrition and fluids to elderly and dementia patients on many NHS Trust wards throughout the country.

Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
Frederick Douglass

Support the NHS Support Federation
Halt the nasty party’s obvious privatization agenda.
An excellent video on the behind-the-scenes lobbying (bribing) of politicians
going on in Westminster on behalf of large corporations to secure lucrative
private contracts in the NHS. The stench of corruption is palpable.

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