Work No. 447; Winter of Unrequited Love

Work No. 447; Winter of Unrequited Love

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Work 467 Winter of unrequited love. c. Michael St.Mark
c. Michael St.Mark

for an iceberg called Shubha

Statue ” Dawn”. Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Signed edition of 50 LightJet digital prints on Ilford Pearl.
20″ x 16″.
£500 ( unframed )

* March 2016 editions 1 – 39 sold/reserved
February 2017; edition sold out
To reserve a re-sale contact sales@LondonDada.com

” One of the most difficult and challenging things to come to terms with as an enquiring human being, is the scarcity of real friendship, warmth and even love that one can hope to expect from the majority of others over a lifetime, even after making great efforts to offer it, oneself. ” Carl Jung

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