Work No. 458; This Green and Pleasant Land

Work No. 458; This Green and Pleasant Land

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Work 458; This Green and Pleasant Land. c. 2011 Michael St. Mark.

Supermarket trolly park, Hatfield

The regimented steel cage motifs repeated in the image are intended to symbolize peoples’ imprisonment in mass consumerism by a sterile, heartless profitatanycost-driven system; the widespread industrialized animal abuse in caged imprisonment that’s used to mass produce the meat that gets piled in the trolley cages… and lastly the steely footprints of mega wind farm developments and the unceasing march of fresh pylons, mobile phone masts etc that are gradually covering the entire UK countryside.


Available in a signed limited edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
25″ x 21″ ( unframed )

Released for sale August 2014

*May 2020; Editions 1 – 38 sold/reserved

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