Night Trip - London Dada's tribute to Cy Twombly

Night Trip – London Dada’s tribute to Cy Twombly

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work 532; Night Trip – Dada’s tribute to Cy Twombly c. Michael St.Mark/ Anon slug 2011

A previous night’s slug trail over pre-cast concrete flagstone, Whetstone N.London

Night Trip – Dada Tribute to Cy Twombly
by ‘Anon Slug’, photo composition by Michael St.Mark c. 2010

( Silver slug trails on concrete flagstone. Whetstone, N. London.
In Dada homage to the great American scratcher /scribbler artist who sadly passed away in
July 2011. What enhanced perception and altered outlooks on life he imparted to others over
decades of inspired doodling.
cy scribble 1

Signed edition of 50 lightjet giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 18″
£ 500 ( unframed )

* September 2015 editions 1 – 28 sold/reserved


Linkback to original blog post with artist commentary;


Snail Print Factory

Hana Al Saadi bested 61 entries with her installation ‘Snail Print Factory’ to win the contest whose prize includes an all-expense paid trip to London to meet Hirst and have a guided tour of Gloucester Studios.

‘Snail Print Factory’ is an installation art that explores three important stages of the natural lifecycle: Eating, Mating and reproduction.

Within the micro-ecosystem, the snails go about their business and leave slime trails on paper that tell stories of the individual journeys and encounters and new beginnings inside the tank.

About the work, Hirst said, “I love art like Hana’s that asks questions and makes you think and is difficult to define, and I love art that involves a living element, it makes the art feel more real.
It looks simple too and is universal and communicates across international boundaries, which all great art should ”. Don’t you just wish to hell you’d hatched this slug trail concept first, Mr Hirst ?

” Does Hana find photocopier paper works the best in recording the snail trails “


Update 2; January 2016

Hirst surpasses himself in his enthusiasm for London Dada’s concept of using animal trails as art in themselves, to the extent of using it as wallpaper on his own website DamienHirst.com ( screenshot below ).
“The fame of a superhero, the creative imagination of a window cleaner”

Hirst plagiarism (again)

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