Work No. 643; The Door to Equal Opportunity

Work No. 643; The Door to Equal Opportunity

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Work No. 643. The Door to Equal Opportunity. c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Two-shade blue door pair secured with hasp & padlock, Muswell Hill.

* NB UPDATE, March 15th 2014. Education Secretary Michael Gove of all people, confirming the accuracy of this Dada Work and the importance of highlighting a deep class division involving chronic injustice across the board in this country by pointing out a government cabinet dominated by public school-educated millionaire toffs. This chronic bias and viciously unfair glass ceiling is also confirmed as applying to other major sectors of society, listed below.

Sybolizing the Oxbridge light blue /dark blue old boy
network’s UK monopoly on most of the top jobs in banking, law
and finance, media, politics, THE ARTS and elsewhere, UK-wide.

Talent-blocking cronyismTM is alive and well and sitting at government Cabinet
or in any large corporation / courthouse / firm of lawyers/ bank / Publicly-funded art gallery/museum
/ publishing house or broadcaster boardroom.


Signed edition of 100 LightJet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
20″ x 20″ (Unframed)


* Dec 2021; signed editions 1 – 82 sold/reserved

( Prices of LD signed edition Works increase as available edition numbers diminish,
therefore early investment is advised. London Dada Works are being restricted to 691
in number, making Dada’s London expression a unique investment opportunity. )

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