Work No. 523; Through a Glass Darkly

Work No. 523; Through a Glass Darkly

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Work 523: Through a glass darkly. c. Michael St.Mark 2012.
Protest work made during the violent eviction by state thugs of the peaceful Occupy camp protestors outside St.Paul’s.. and the turning of a very un-Christian blind eye to same by the cathedral’s bishops and clergy.

St. Paul talks in one of his lettters to the church in Corinth (1 Cor. 13, 12) of ‘seeing through a glass darkly’. This basically means that whilst on this earth we can only have a poor glimpse of the Kingdom of God as if we are looking into a dark mirror (the ‘glass’) where the reflection is very poor

Photograph taken through an empty glass spirits tumbler to an image on the St.Pauls website.
Cropped and digitally enhanced.

Signed edition of 50 fine art giclee prints 20″ x 16″ on Ilford Pearl (with white border)
£400 (unframed)

* Jan 2015, editions 1-38 sold/reserved
** May 2018 edition stole out Paolo. To register interest in a re-sale contact sales@londondada.com

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