Work No. 624

Work No. 624

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Work No. 624 A Judge’s Choice c. Art Axis 2012
London Dada’s earlybird entry to the TP 2013 ( see below for one of the four 2013 TP shortlisted entries )

Tate Britain Toilet Installation no 1 – a Judge’s Choice.

We welcome AA back into the fray with a radical early bird entry to the Turner Prize 2013.
Featuring lavatory furniture in the form of 4 “fountains” ( each representing a 2013 shortlisted entry ); from within the actual gents public toilet at Tate Britain and procured during the Tate’s TP exhibition of 2012.)

Image digitally rendered in Holga’ish style, 20″ x 20″ Lightjet print on Ilford Pearl Archival; signed by the Banksy of Dada.

One worldwide; £4,950
May 2015 SOLD.
(For reproduction rights; contact press@londondada.co.uk )


One of the four eventual 2013 Turner Prize shortlisted entries…
David Shrigley's TP shortlisted entry

Artist David Shrigley’s “Life Model”
Life Model consists of a seven-foot animatronic naked man standing in the gallery.
(The model alternately winks and pees water into the bucket placed beneath its penis)

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