Work No. 457; Lost in Translation

Work No. 457; Lost in Translation

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Work No. 457; Lost in Translation. c. Michael St.Mark

A random selection of large moulded & sprayed alphabet letters found hanging in a N. London art gift shop.
The title alluding to the sense that art has lost its way, in becoming largely reduced to mass-produced decorative commodities or new SFX development devoid of real value or meaning.


Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl
20″ x 20″
£550 ( unframed )

* October 2019; Editions 1 – 48 sold/reserved

” In this strange world of art, all the combinations of pretty patterns, SFX, gigantic enlargements and shock horror shows would seem to have been done. It’s surely high time for art to grow out of gimmick-obsessed adolescence. “
– M.St.M 2012

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