Work No. 467; The Unknowable

Work No. 467; The Unknowable

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work 467; The Unknowable.
c. Michael St.Mark

Concrete conceptual work consisting of two identical upright mirrors placed directly opposite each other at a close distance of 22/7 or 3.142 etc (approximation of the never-ending transcendental number pi) cms

The title raises the question “what reflection is taking place between the mirrors?”, and the impossibility of anyone ever knowing 100%; because any attempt to look, such as inserting a spy camera through a small hole drilled through the center of one of the mirrors, will interrupt and interfere with the mutual reflection.
The space between the mirrors holds an intriguing mystery, an eternal reflection… but of what, exactly?

Unique, one worldwide.
Numbered ( m1 & m2 ) and signed; POA

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