A Hundred Thousand Years

A Hundred Thousand Years

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A Hundred Thousand Years
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Topical as reminder of our very own “Fukushima”, only this completely man-made – or more accurately idiot politician ambition-caused ) nuclear accident, the severity of which was covered-up at the time with, rather predictably, the workers who saved the day taking the rap.
Image; Reactor pile no 1 chimney still containing ten tons of melted uranium fuel from the Windscale ( now Sellafield) fire in 1957 that will remain highly radioactive beyond 1000 human generations.


Windscale / Sellafield radioactive fire coverup

Daily Mail article

Signed edition of one worldwide digital photo ( procured from the public road outside the Sellafield workers’ main gate ) 16MB file size( rendered to historical film colouration to reflect the era in which the fire took place ) giclee print, 32″ x 34″ hand-finished and to be bordered by a 5cm surround mount adhered with particles of surface mud-sand scooped from the local public beach ( officially non hazardous! ).
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